Yellow Peril Strikes Again

There are more emotions than words in my vocabulary to convey the fury I’ve repressed since the news of Vicha Ratanpakdee (rest in peace). It was appalling to hear the verdict on the case with Watson pled not guilty. A temper tantrum is no excuse for rampaging an innocent person to die. This event has led to an uproar in both Anti-Asian Hate Crimes and Justice for Vincent Chin 2.0. Since the beginning of COVID-19 from March 2020 from our past president blaming China for the virus, Anti-Asian Hate Crimes have surged 149%.

Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism

As families prepared for Lunar New Year, the biggest holiday celebration valuing family, wealth, longevity, and peace, they are halted with fear of becoming the next victim of murder, theft, or assault, especially targeting the elderly. These are the people who went through blood, sweat, and tears to come across this country to achieve their meaning of the American Dream. These people have full access to family history and are a part of our existence today. In return, they want to spend the rest of their lives seeing their offsprings grow, reproduce, and carry on the legacy they paved forward for their beloved. However, they’re left to the ground, covered in blood, beaten, and robbed from what they worked hard for. Why are the weak attacking the weak?

Personal progress is not the sole responsibility of the individual. It’s the problem of just institutions, too.

Inside Higher Ed

Bootstrapping is a BIG FAT LIE. We’re at a beginning of a new era. The traditional Asian way of life can no longer be lived with all the injustice. How are Asians expected to carry on their lives when their family and friends are hurt, scared, and worried about each other’s safety? It’s no longer the thought of burdening someone, but the fear of no help on the way. This uprising of hate is a step forward in our society to take action and speak up. It’s no longer their problems, but our society’s.


Why aren’t more people speaking out?

In light of BLM, Asians stood by and supported through donations, protests, and sharing the information across the globe. The movement spread like wildfire and we engaged in dialogues with our friends and family about racism, implicit bias, equality, etc.. The reparation process has begun for BLM. That does NOT mean we leave our comrades to the dust. Has BLM not taught the world to be kinder to one another regardless of the color of your skin? The purpose of the movement is to protest against police brutality and racially motivated violence against Black people, which gave birth to BIPOC. While we can’t find a one-size-fits-all solution to this problem, why does it seem like the movement has only catered towards a specific audience?

Sharing this information becomes difficult when trying to get it to the “right” people. We’re bringing more awareness to our community, but are we reaching the ones who initiate the violence? How much violence or deaths do we need to establish a normalcy of peace? Is it just because they’re Asian by default that they’re an easy target? It may have nothing to do with the perpetrators, but imagine if the victim was one of their loved ones?

What can we do?

  • If a situation ever happens in your presence and you’re unsure what to do, remember at least one of the 5 D’s listed above. More information can be found at
  • Get uncomfortable and have those conversations with others
  • Check in with your colleagues, loved ones, victims
    • You’d be surprised what you learn. You’ll never know how they’re really feeling until you ask. I didn’t expect to know how much it affected my sister or her friends.

Money is Power

Businesses should highlight this matter to the world. With their resources and audience, it’s possible. Black Lives Matter was a huge success for all corporations to take part in and I anticipate the same for this. Our society models with another to progress forward. Thus, the more businesses that bring Anti-Asian Hate to light, the faster a domino effect can begin.

A big thank you to Asians with Attitudes for serving their communities to help protect these ethnic enclaves and beyond. Social media has saved woke again through their outlets for educating viewers. Although some sources and news may not be from xenophobic attacks, that’s for ourselves to research.

Publishing this has become a 2-month process. From the anger, frustration, and rage fuming inside me, I tried my best to keep it mutually beneficial. As an Asian-American who grew up not having uncomfortable conversations, let alone dialogues with people, I know I can only grow from here. Although I can’t change the world alone, I can at least spread awareness to my community and let them know where I stand with this. Society may not give you credit for trying, but if you’re reaching at least one person, that’s an achievement. 

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