Keep On Iterating

  • Seize every opportunity you can to experience life, you never know what it can lead to
  • Everything starts with you and ends with you, it’s the circle of life
  • Trust the process, enjoy the journey
  • When life gives you lemons, you keep creating

We often reach phases in our lives where we become unhappy and wonder why. It’s likely because we are at a complacent stage, or in limbo from working towards a goal that doesn’t seem like it has progressed (or you’re just plain bored). We’ve all been there so I understand the feeling. You become frustrated with the situation and find outlets to get this pent up energy out of your system. Through trial and error from watching movies, reading, listening to podcasts, or even talking to others, the void still remains.

Suffering is inevitable when this happens, but it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s good to be aware of your emotions, and it’s beneficial to question how to eliminate this roadblock. However, it’s a hard line to walk trying to balance the two.

To feel, or to question?

The ambiguity may seem unsettling at first, but that’s the fun of it. Not being in alignment with yourself is normal. We may have been the same person we were a month ago, but most likely not a year ago. This is why we feel the urge to change so often because we’ve lived new experiences and felt different emotions that led us to become who we are at this moment. The more you experience, the more confusing your path to sustainable joy may seem from how diverse and unrelated everything may all look from the outside looking in. And that’s completely normal. The plethora of experiences and interests makes you, you.

Not being in control of your emotions can be frustrating. You can’t help but dig yourself into a thought loop. The only logicalΒ solutionΒ to this dilemma is toΒ acceptΒ it. Through acceptance, only then can you transition to the healing process. From making that shift moving forward, thoughts and emotions eventually make more sense. With newly lived experiences, you then realize it was all in your head. Why? Because you made that quantum leap from you to you 2.0.Β It’s the same as reliving a past scenario, but doing something different instead from the lessons learned knowledge you’ve gained since then.

As you continue life through experience, you find out more about yourself, likes, dislikes, passions, talents, weaknesses, and so forth. We also meet people along our way that acts like checkpoints in our lives. They represent who we want to surround ourselves with and who we don’t, depending on if they stay or not. Although it may seem arduous and repetitive, trust the process, and enjoy the journey. Life is meaning to be experimental and fun. You live through the ups and downs, learn lessons from them, and carry the knowledge forward to an endless journey of improvement.

Mindsets Approaches Knowledge - Free image on Pixabay

This is to say that I’ve lived about five years of my life going through iterations on enhancing my outlook on life externally, but never internally. It’s crazy to realize how long it’s taken me to break through this fixed mindset that inhibited my lifestyle. We are now living through a period where we spend the majority of our waking days at home. By gifting myself with the opportunity to go off-the-grid, away from my natural habitat, allowed me to clear my mind.

After making lemonade, you’re still left with all these lemons to do as you please. What’s next? The options are limitless. We have all the tools we need to live optimally. Once we go through that cycle of creating and experimenting, we find our medium until we get “stuck” again, but that’s okay. In the end, we’ll continue to iterate.

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