2020 Vision

I am sure we all came into this year thinking we were going to come up and grow drastically within ourselves. This year has symbolized 20/20 greatness for many until Covid-19 inevitably trapped us in solidarity. And with the continuing major riots from bottled up oppression from hundreds of years in nationwide for #BLM, wow… It is unfortunate to apprehend the atrocity we currently face because of the unresolved issues with inequality, especially towards African Americans, to say the least. Rather than being at war with other countries……. (actively), we are now at war within our own. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean our energy towards our personal goals has dissipated. It just means it has been redirected elsewhere.

With the joined forces of Black Panther and Yellow Peril from the past, and reuniting stronger now, I wondered to what extent how many people now are genuine versus just joining the bandwagon…..Then I asked myself, “Does that make me a phony?” After contemplating for several days, I’ve realized that it does not matter. Why waste time a trivial question? I do know that I have lived in a bubble most of my life up until this year. I wasn’t raised in an environment that talked about the wrongdoings of the country, or actions to take when such situations occurred because of growing up with immigrant parents who only saw what KTSF (Chinese television news) fed them along with other large media. Maybe the tl;dr to the latter could be that I was privileged and did not have to go through such adversity as others have, or that it was my fault for not taking an interest on something so essential. Regardless, the past is not worth beating myself up for I do not have control of that. What I do have control of is now, how I will act moving forward.

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I was raised to stay out of trouble that could put my life in any danger or involved with the police (good or bad). I was raised in a family where education barely reached the high school level. I brushed off woke society because I was unfamiliar with the term. And until my early 20’s, I remained passive about it thinking it didn’t make an impact on me. My pathway in life was school, graduate, job, marry, then family. Nothing else mattered in between. I had no idea how much of a struggle securing a full-time job would be let alone a reputable one. By no means am I trying to use my past as an excuse for my ignorance, but provide more context to where I stand today. If some of you can resonate with this, remember that you are not alone.

I apologize to society for being so late in the game on all of this. I am not asking to be forgiven, but I am communicating my acknowledgment of this chaos. I hear you and understand the excruciating pain you have endured for far too long. I can understand why there are people who take their lives from this world. We as society mirror how we view the world and this year has been incredible in how we show that. Despite the solitude, we have became accustomed to, our voices have spread like wildfire. As Trevor Noah brilliantly said in his video, it has initiated a domino effect. Our actions have gone viral and continue to spread across the map. 

It genuinely pains and frustrates me to know the rage and chaos that it led. I am sorry for not being heard and I am sorry for not listening sooner. I am hurting with you, world. I am aware that I will never be able to empathize with the amount of pain you’ve endured for so long because I have not been in your shoes. How can I help make things better? How can I take part in helping with the healing process? In the end, I know it all starts with me, and my community one step at a time.

As a close friend of mine, Kit Ramussen, always told me:

Everything starts and ends with you.

Kit Lopez

So even with being a late bloomer, joining the bandwagon, or whatever you want to call it, what matters is how I want to engage myself into contributing to a more peaceful society. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunities I’ve taken to expose myself to help the communities around me thus far in their causes. I am also grateful to be a part of Rotary International, where one of their main objectives is to establish peace. And through my current projects/resources, I anticipate on making greater changes moving forward. With the continuing education, I strive to grasp through credible resources to dive deeper with friends/others, I know the sky is the limit for the opportunities to transcend a better society.

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So, this 2020 energy from every one of us has become united into one towards real changes. I welcome you to join me this Sunday afternoon to share your thoughts and ideas on how to make this world a better place. More details here.


Tricia Tran

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